TaylorMade TRUSS TB1 Putter


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The new TRUSS putter range offers a superior stability structure. Engineered for less twisting for more putts that travel on their intended target lines.

The TRUSS TB1 Putter Features:

  • TRUSS Hosel Design
  • Cobalt Blue PureRoll™ Insert
  • Sole Weights
  • 2-Year Guarantee / KBS C-Taper Chrome Stepless Stability Shaft / Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Grip

TRUSS Hosel Design

This new striking hosel design offers two connection points which improve stability. This hosel minimises turn and offers a more familiar look at address position. It also stiffens the structure to produce an improved sound and feel.

Cobalt Blue PureRoll™ Insert

The new Cobalt Pure Roll™ insert provides a better sound and feel. The grooves improve topspin that is created to improve forward roll across a variety of surfaces. Helping your ball start and stay on its intended line more consistently.

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TaylorMade TRUSS TB1 Putter